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Sustainable Agriculture & Fishing

 The European Union is the world's leading agricultural power. So, the agricultural sector is one of the main land users in Europe and thus shapes landscapes in rural areas. It has various direct and indirect impacts on the environment and is itself dependent on natural resources. Two of the main challenges confronting agriculture are climate change and artificialization of soils. Climate change requires the adaptation of crop varieties and causes extreme weather events

   In other way, the fishing is an important resource for the EU. 22 countries of the 27 have access to the marine coast. According to the NGO Oceana, 40% of species were victims of overfishing in 2019 in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The situation is even more critical in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, where the measures taken to remedy it are less restrictive. It is therefore important to set up sustainable, innovative and competitive fishing.

   Then, the Agro-food sector representes 14% of European industrial employment. But this sector has a huge environmental cost in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, plastic pollution and waste.

   So, it's important to introduce new technologies and to use  products healthier for the environment in order to facilitate these practices and make them more sustainable.


New technologies


Alternatives of  pollution


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