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   Environmental and climatic issues are vast and complex subjects. Before making a career or a profession in the GreenTech, it is important to know about the topic. But where to start? We have listed below several resources for any level. We have also added (in green) documentations on Green Technologies.

   It is important to have a critical eye on these resources. Indeed, everyone has their vision of environmental issues and the levers are not the same for the actors.

   These are documents mainly in English but you will also find some in the languages of the consortium (French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).



Videos & Documentaries

Mobile Apps & Games



- The « socle d’information initial » de la Convention Citoyenne pour le climat (France) It is an excellent synthesis of the climate problem

- "Le Rapport Grand Public du HCC (Haut Conseil pour le Climat)" : A popularized 12-page version of the report of the French High Council for the Climate

- IPCC data : The IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) prepares comprehensive Assessment Reports about knowledge on climate change, its causes, potential impacts and response options. 

Google Scholar allows you to find scientific publications or articles

- "La inversión en la creación y desarrollo de empresas verdes en España" is a study of the Spanish Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, which makes visible the potential of investment in green technologies for the environment

- "Cloud computing: tecnología verde como estrategia para la responsbailidade social empresarial"
 is a Spanish scientific article which advocates the importance of Cloud Computing in companies. It is seen as Green Technology

- "10 tecnologías verdes que podrían salvar el planeta" is a Spanish article which details the latest innovations in terms of saving and producing alternative energy to preserve the environment. 





-   "Le climat en 100 questions" by Gilles Ramstein and Sylvestre Huet (French) : Ideal for understanding the climate problem and what it entails for societies.

  How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates : This book not only explains why we need to work toward net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases, but also details what we need to do to achieve this profoundly important goal. He gives us a clear-eyed description of the challenges we face. 

- The limits of our planet by Natacha Gondran and Aurélien Boutaud : This short book describes the nine great “planetary limits”

"Journal de guerre écologique" by Hugo Clément (French): With the actors of environmental front, Hugo Clément draws a strategic map of the actions to be taken. Will Earth remain a habitable planet for our species? This is the stake of our last fight.

Les Catastrophobes by Didier Tronchet (French)  : The comic book features a couple who oppose the attitude to adopt in the face of the ecological crisis. For her, you have to give up everything and go to live in a refuge, far from urban danger. He is more circumspect… how to leave his little comfort? Not easy ! Tronchet manages to treat with lightness and humor the evil of our century.

"L'écologie du XXIeme siècle" by Hervé Kempf (French) : To echo a new way of approaching the century of climate change, the Reporterre team collected lively and invigorating interviews from the best environmental representatives.

"Écologie et politique – Écologie et liberté" by André Gorz (Michel Bousquet) : Two visionary essays from the 1970s which question environmental issues. Decades later, the remarks remain relevant!

- A Resource Guide for MBA Careers in Sustainability by Katie Kross : No matter what stage of your career search process you're in, this book will help you better understand the many fields of sustainability, direct you to the best resources and help you to fine-tune your search.

- Green Technology: An A-to-Z Guide by Dustin R. Mulvaney : This work unite photographs, searchable hyperlinks, an extensive resource guide, numerous cross references, and a clear, accessible writing style make the Green Society volumes ideal for classroom use as well as for research. 

-  Sustainable Built Environments (Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series) : It describes the breadth of science and engineering knowledge critical to advancing sustainable built environments, from architecture and design, mechanical engineering, lighting, and materials to water and energy, public policy, and economics. 

- "Introducción a la tecnología Verde. Recopilaciones de un mundo sustentable" by Hebert Pastorino (Spain) : This book deals with technological development, the use of modern energies and how the relations of production have contradicted the "friendly relationship" with the environment. It also shows the way to return again, and with the help of technology and modernity, to sustainability. It shows us how easy it can be, with a little will to contribute to a greener world.



- TILClimate : ideal for getting up to speed on a range of complex climate topics

- For What It’s Earth : Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins have a friendly, easygoing rapport that makes tough, complex issues like wildfires, fast fashion, and flooding not just approachable but also enjoyable.

- Climate Changers : Interviews with remarkable entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, educators and other leaders who are taking initiative as we face a growing climate crisis.

- How to save the planet : Always positive, the animators cover foundational issues like energy efficiency and the scope of the climate crisis, along with more obscure topics like soil regeneration and kelp farming.

- The climate question : The BBC brings its journalistic might to a range of knotty questions which shows why we have such a hard time saving our planet.

- L'alfabeto della sostenibilità (Italia) : is the new Italian podcast series from Radio 24. The aim is to question the issues of sustainable development and ecology.

  GreenTech Stories (France) traces the process of those who have been supported by the French Greentech Innovation project in their entrepreneurial adventure. The Greentech Innovation approach of the Ministry of Ecological Transition advises and supports innovative startups each year that are part of the Ministry's policy acceleration process.

Videos & documentaries



- A Life on Our Planet A broadcaster recount his life, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth, to grieve the loss of wild places and offer a vision for the future. 

- Normal Is OverAward-winning documentary about humanity's wisest responses to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality, and the connection between these issues.

- An inconvenient TruthIt makes the compelling case that global warming is real and its effects will be cataclysmic if we don't act now. A wide array of facts and information are presented  in a thoughtful and compelling way: often humorous, frequently emotional, always fascinating. 

- Tomorrow : What if showing solutions and telling a good story was the best way to resolve the ecological, economic and social crises that our countries are going through? 

- Seaspiracy : A poignant investigation into the damage caused by overfishing to marine life


- Cowspiracy, The Sustainability Secret : The documentary shows the impact of animal agriculture on the environment.


- Before the flood This documentary, realized by Leonardo DiCaprio, faces the realities of climate change

- "Legacy , notre héritage" : Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a  photographer and director, eveals a suffering planet and the ecological damage caused by man.

- Sur le front (France) : Hugo Clément takes us closer to the women and men who fight to defend the planet.


- Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom : Hear directly from the people making our clean energy future achievable. 


- Bonnes nouvelles de la planète : A trip around the world to discover the most innovative solutions in terms of green energy.

- Brave Blue World : It's an exploration of innovative projects, from recycling to energy production, which will allow more sustainable management of water.


- Wave of change (France) : Follow-up of the trip around the world of the "Nomade des mers" catamaran, to discover Low-tech innovation


Carbon Brief : is dedicated to analysis and fact checking of energy policy and climate science, with a focus on the UK.

- "Crisi climatica a prova di idiota: come capirla e sconfiggerla" : Giovanni Mori, environmental engineer and Fridays For Future activist, explains in an extremely effective way the evidence of climate change and the effects of this crisis.


- Cos'è la sostenibilità? (Italia) Miriam Frigerio talks to us about sustainable development

- El ultimatum evolutivo is a spanish animated video in which it speaks in a critical humor of the human being (hommo consumis) and his unsustainable habits for the planet. 

Energías Renovables – Cedecom (Spain): Documentary on the advantages and the future of renewable energies. 

- "Economia circolare, sostenibilità e Agenda 2030: concetti chiave e percorsi didattici": webinar to raise students' awareness of the circular economy

- 100% Renewable energy: You can do it – Gordian Raacke : This talk is a wonderful global perspective on climate change and the effective actions we can take as individuals to collectively save the planet.

- Accelerating The Shift To Clean Energy - TEDx : Bill Nussey founded the Freeing Energy Project to accelerate the shift to cleaner and cheaper energy.

- TOP 12 CAREERS for Environmental Majors // Career Series : This video discusses my TOP 12 CAREERS for Environmental Majors and choosing a major. Watch this if you are going to college for environmental science!

- O que fazem os profissionais que atuam com meio ambiente? (Portuguese): Learn now the step-by-step to discover in a simple, quick and practical way the duties of the different professions and easily get a summary of the activities of each professional who works with the environment.

- Careers in Sustainability : UCLA’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Nurit Katz, explains how to find career opportunities in the field of sustainability that best suit your unique interests.

- Types of Renewable Energy: The Future of Energy : A short video that explains about the 7 differente types of renewable energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, ocean, hydrogen and biomass.



- Bonpote : It is an essential French media that raises awareness, through articles, infographics or podcasts, about a not-so-cool thing: climate change

- Vert le media : It is a french media that deals with ecological news. Each day, articles are written in a clear, concise and accessible style.

- we DEMAIN : A media and a community to change the era

- Reporterre : Independent French media offering clear and relevant information on ecology. 

- Theimpactstory : Discovery of entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing our world by having a positive impact on the environment

- Tecnologías verdes y sustentabilidad This website offers interesting information on green technologies, from reflections and analysis to specific examples

- "OMPI REVITA. WIPO GREEN: Apoyo a la innovación verde y a la trasferencia de teccnología" (Spain) : This digital magazine offers numerous articles on green technologies and was created with the aim of promoting contact between those who seek sustainable technologies and those who can foresee them.

- Tecnología verde : Spanish magazine specialized in green technology that offers interesting articles in which it shows examples, problems and solutions around green technologies



- 90jours : A personal coach, which leads you on the path of environmental responsibility. Depending on your profile and your abilities, you will be offered different missions.

Carbon Footprint & CO2 Tracker : The application allows you to calculate your carbon footprint

- Green Tips : It is a guide that provides the user with more than 150 practical tips to be more responsible with the environment.

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