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Card game 
“The eco-friendly solitaire”

Ancre 1

Card Game Instructions 

The game, which can be played both alone (on-line) or as a team (by downloading and printing the cards), takes place in 2 phases and revolves around the multiple uses of green technologies (Greentech) and aims to (the) player(s) to become familiar with such uses by consulting the tools offered by the web; Initiatives (companies in your immediate environment related to Greentech); Training guide (studies and professional opportunities related to Greentech).


In the first place, solitaire cards are played in which environmental recommendations are offered divided into 4 categories (Saving water, Saving energy, Responsible consumption, Reducing waste). Each category has 13 cards with a recommendation that must be collected in their corresponding decks. Once familiar with the environmental recommendations, the challenge is to answer related questions by consulting the web.

Here is the link to play with the digital version:

Rules and questions 

English version

French version

Spanish version

Italian version

Portuguese version


English version

Spanish version

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