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The received ideas of the GreenTech

idées reçues

   The game consists of disentangling the true from the false about 15 received ideas about the GreenTech. Each team has a green and a red card. Green indicates “TRUE” and red for “FALSE”. The players must work together to decide on the answer. The correct answers are located on the back of each card. A correct answer earns 1 point. In addition, the team with the best argument wins 2 more points. You understand, the objective is to create a debate around GreenTech.

To use this tool you need:

  • The 15 received ideas cards (or the slideshow)

  • One red and green card per team

  • An hourglass

  • A point counter

You can download the received ideas below :

English version

French version

Spanish version

Italian version

Portuguese version

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