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The training



In the current context of climate crisis, governments and businesses are discovering that environmental protection is not only a necessary priority, but can also generate new, more sustainable employment models. A green policy-based is innovative and uses resources efficiently, which stimulates growth and job creation.


The economy of the European Union depends heavily on the environment. The environmental goods and services sector helps to manage pollution and natural resources. Its activities cover, among other things, waste management, air pollution, soil control and cleaning, recycling and the supply of water and renewable energy. Green employment does not only refer to the eco-industry sector. Organic livestock, sustainable agriculture and ecotourism depend on and work to promote a healthy environment.


Although Green employment is growing, in many european countries the skills necessary are scarce. Workers are needed capable of carrying out new functions and assuming traditional but updated positions; for example engineers who design innovative materials and electricians who know how to install solar panels. Education and trainings can foster these skills in order to maximize opportunities in environmentally friendly and resource-efficient sectors.

Green technology can be used in all professional sectors if it responds to modern ecological problems. But it is important to know how to orient yourself towards these new jobs. So we created this training guide. We have integrated different training courses, divided into 5 categories, located at a maximum of 300km around Pau (France), Zaragoza (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and Campobasso (Italy).

Below you, can download the guide in the language that you want : 

English version

French version

Italian version

Spanish version

Portuguese version

Training in South-West France

(Nouvelle-Aquitaine Special edition )

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